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I stayed in youth hostels and ate by singing in restaurants in exchange for food. My first song, about people I met and things I saw. I was going to graduate high school a year early, because I was finished with my academics, but my senior year they gave me a full scholarship to return just to take all art classes- so I did! My boss fired me because I wouldnt sleep with him, and I ended up homeless for a year. A radio station decided to put a bootleg of me on the air and a record label heard it.

I ferried back to Cabo, and hitch hiked back to Tijuana, and trained back to Michigan to be back at school when it started up again. I fell in love with marble carving that year, and visual art became the focus of my senior year. I kept writing songs, and started singing in a local coffee shop called The Inner Change Cafe. Soon after, a lot of limousines started pulling up and guys in suits came to watch me sing.

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There was a bidding war between several labels for me! I went with the label that didnt want me to change and let me be a simple songwriter.

Against all odds my simple album went on to sell 12 million copies! She called me to her one day, and with a shaky voice she told me that she gave up all her dreams of being an opera singer, and a poet, because she believed if her future family had any chance of success, it would be in a free country.

I am the beneficiary of my grandparents pioneer spirit and vision.

I still work every day to maintain the things I believe in and care about and to uphold the proud pioneer spirit of my family.

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My home town of Homer, Alaska raised ,000 for me during that concert all to help send me to school. But I couldnt afford to get to Alaska, so I decided to learn 4 chords on the guitar (my dad had always played guitar, not me) and get on a train in Detroit to busk my way across the country. It took several days to sing my way across the country- earning my ticket money one street corner at a time when the train stopped.

I majored in classical voice and art and minored in dance and drama. I made it to San Diego and crossed the border into Tijuana and hitch-hiked to Cabo San Lucas.

She gained worldwide fame following the 1995 release of her debut album, Pieces of You, which became one of the best-selling debut albums of all time.

In 2008, she released her first country album, Perfectly Clear. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart and featured three songs, “Stronger Woman”, “I Do”, and “Til It Feels Like Cheating”.

He was looking for adventure and new land, away from the Nazi movement. Ruth taught all her 8 children (she gave birth to most of them alone in a dirt floored log cabin! I was raised outdoors on the same homestead my family settled around all the music of my family We lived far from town. It had one room and no water, no plumbing, and I worked several jobs.

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