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Statistics show that the African American community is 30 years behind all other communities due in part to their disadvantage in earlier centuries, there are reasons to this day why African Americans are financially, educationally and socially behind.

When employers use credit scores against African American applicants, it makes it that much harder for people affected by this socioeconomic plate to get a hold of their financial future.

An autopsy later showed that Kimbrough died from multiple gunshot wounds, according the medical examiner’s office.

Police were called to the home after Kimbrough was shot just before 7 a.m.

The extensive search for these two began on June 6 when they were able to cut holes in the backs of their cells with power tools.

Folks at Amen Clinic have learned that there has been an arrest of two prison workers in connection with this escape.

Governor Cuomo stated anyone found to have cooperated in this escape will be fully prosecuted.

He further added these men were really dangerous men and they could not tolerate them being on the run.Matt was killed by law enforcement two days ago in Malone, about 40 miles away from the prison and about six miles south of where Sweat was shot.Authorities believe they were attempting to cross the Canadian border. Jay Cook spotted Sweat in the town of Constable, less than six miles from the Canadian border.A Markham man shot and killed a man during an argument this month at the victim’s Dolton home after the two men met on a popular dating app, prosecutors said Sunday.Marvis Boyd Jr., 25, is charged with murder in the shooting death Feb, 16 of 31-year-old Pierre Kimbrough .Police found out Kimbrough had been participating in online chat rooms not too long before his death, Dolton Police Deputy Chief Ernest O. Authorities said Boyd drove to Kimbrough’s home in the 15200 block of South Blackstone Avenue in Dolton to meet for sex, prosecutors said.

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