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In either case, the goal is separation of concerns.The pattern separates the data model from the view by interjecting an intermediate model created specifically for presentation.The INotify Property Changed interface, while easy to implement, is hard to consume.

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Update Controls is an open source library that replaces event-based data binding with automatic discovery and updating. WPF data binding requires that a bindable class implement the INotify Property Changed interface.

This interface is fairly easy to implement as it requires only a single event: Property Changed.

What if data binding could work directly against a property and update whenever it changed?

In that ideal world, the bookkeeping code goes away and you are left with just the business logic, as shown in Listing 2.

The Independent sentry tells Update Controls that Mail Merge’s getter has called Current Customer’s getter.

It also makes Mail Merge out-of-date when Current Customer’s setter is invoked.Creating these sentries is all you need to do, but you need to do it for every independent property.To help you write this extra code, Update Controls installs a Visual Studio add-in that shows up in the Tools menu as “Generate Independent Properties”.It is mapped, by default, to Ctrl D, G (as well as Ctrl D, Ctrl G, just in case).Select any private field or set of private fields in a C# or Visual Basic class, hit Ctrl D, G, and the add-in will generate the Independent sentry and property.You need to create an Independent sentry object that keeps track of every get and set.

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