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There are plenty of incredible artists that dont fit societys idea of beauty or their look doesnt necessarily match their style of music but that doesnt make their music any less good does it On the flip side a really well executed video can make an otherwise mediocre song seem greater than it is. One thing is certain a video definitely shapes the listeners perception of the music its accompanying and Im not knocking this. NETAUGUST2015 Guardians of the Galaxy Arkady Cosplay Cullen and Hawke Dragon Age Ludella Hahn Tinkerbell Ludella Hahn Playboy Bunny Minnie d Moocha Widow and Hawkeye 16 WWW. NETAUGUST2015 Hi my name is Alex Ma of Coldbluesky Photography facebook.comcoldblueskyphotography Ive been shooting with models for almost a decade now but until a few years ago I hadnt heard of the term cosplay let alone know that cosplay photography was a genre.

Its a shame when music videos cause damage to a career but in this day and age they are the most valuable creative tools in allowing musicians to express their craft on another level. Now as a photographer with Cosplay I have been covering cosplay conventions for the past three years including the recent San Diego Comic-Con last month.

Over the last 6 years my team and I have transformed over 1000 everyday woman into sexy pinups We offer the best quality and most professional pinup photography available.

____________________________________________________ Felice La Zae is a singersongwriter living in Los Angeles CA. Last year I met cosplayers who flew all the way from Ireland and Italy to attend this show San Diego Comic-Con is an amazing 4-day long convention with so much to see and do something for everyone. NETAUGUST2015 BY JULIE LUJANO D oes this sound like you Youve been trying to play the field with little success.

Shes worked in many facets of the music industry from audio engineering to vocal coaching. NETAUGUST2015 Blazer and Bowtie Randy Ortiz Buttondown Roberto Cavalli Wayfarers Kenneth Cole 11 WWW. Some people are there for attending the panels and celebrity signings others are there for the exclusive merchandise and sneak peeks and others still are there to network with industry professionals. At first it was only snapping a quick picture and moving on to the next simply documenting the different costumes by the fans. Youve been looking and looking but you just cant meet nice interesting girls at any bars or grocery stores.

Yes yes music videos existed long before the 80s but their prominence didnt rise until the MTV era.

Oh the good old days when MTV was filled with hours of music video content instead of reality TV fillers and fluff. Michael Jackson ruled as both a stellar vocalist and a moonwalking god on film.

They are also a fun and unique way to document and celebrate milestone birthdays reaching weight loss goals pregnancy post pregnancy and new relationships. I remember sitting trying to watch my favorite music on those top 10 countdowns always crossing my fingers that they wouldnt cut short the video I wanted to watch due to the shows time constraints.

Plus they make you feel sexy and give you the opportunity to pamper yourself for a day 3 WWW. It was beyond my comprehension or imagination that one day Id be able to watch music videos on demand any time of day not only on my computer but on my cell phone So it mustve been completely alien when the music video age actually began back in the good ol 1980s.

One of the best examples of an artists looks not meeting audience expectations was found in the music video for Informer by Canadian reggae artist Snow in 1993.

Most audiences expected a black Jamaican artist and when faced with a white Canadian artist they just werent convinced of his authenticity even though he grew up around Jamaicans and even had street cred having just finished a stint in jail for assault when Informer hit it big.

It was a whole new world and most artists embraced the new medium but for some it was a career breaking turn of events. Pictures came and broke your heart so put all the blame on VCR.

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